Abstract: You can convert decimal to binary, decimal to hexadecimal, or binary to hexadecimal values, and vice versa, using Bits! The application displays all conversions in real time, and requires no installations. Get an easy way to understand binary code, thanks to decimal numbers displayed for each slot. Simple and easy to use: Set the range of values to be converted. A limited range is available for decimal values, while all slots are occupied for binary values. Enter the values to convert to decimal, binary or hexadecimal. They can be used both in decimal and binary values. Decimal values can be converted from binary, decimal to hexadecimal, and hexadecimal values from decimal, and vice versa. Decimal values can be displayed above each slot to understand the conversion. By click on the desired converter field, the conversion can be performed. The application requires no installation, and can be used on any PC running Windows. There are four conversion slots, each one representing a single hexadecimal value, and 16 binary slots, each with a maximum value of 15. The application is perfect for novices, and works with any type of value. The current value displayed on the chosen converter field can be saved. The application can be used on any Windows-based PC. Does Bits! work as advertised? Bits! is one of those freeware programs that are well-designed and in function at the same time. The application can be used to convert values between binary, decimal, and hexadecimal. It doesn’t install any files on the computer, and there are no connection requirements. It can be used without any kind of installation, and can be easily used on any PC running Windows. The application is light and compact, and needs no installation. It can be saved on any type of flash drive, and is fully compatible with any Windows-based PC, making it possible to use it in a variety of settings. When used, the user doesn’t have to set any data, which is perfect for people who are just getting started with a computer and want to learn a little bit about the binary code. It can convert decimal values from binary, decimal to hexadecimal, and hexadecimal values from decimal, and vice versa, and it can also convert binary values to decimal, decimal to 7dd35f7c51 https://wakelet.com/@propevteper385
Change calendar display as you wish! Change clock background, date, time, font, color! View a year calendar Easily view a calendar that's one year long! Easily change date and time fields as you wish! View a time display that looks like a watch Select from one of 14 available color options! Change date, time and display size! View calendar on the desktop! Change calendar display and font to your liking! Easily view a calendar that's one year long! Cute calendar! Change calendar background color! Change font color and size! Cute clock with date, time and year! Timekeeper has a very simple design and is clearly aimed at individuals that need a custom display for a specific purpose, especially those needing a full year calendar. The timer can be disabled or enabled for a specific period of time and is fully customizable. The app has a nice and uncluttered interface where the interface buttons are under the time display. When a button is clicked, a brief animation appears, indicating that this is the desired action. Unfortunately, the app's interface is barely user-friendly and for that reason I think it's targeted towards the more advanced user, but if you want a handy and smart tool for your desktop, then you might want to try it. Comments Advantages Disadvantages A great little tool, I recommend it Myself and my wife would have liked a calendar and time display on the desktop when we first started using computers. We used an ancient Windows 3.11 PC, and the Windows built in calendar and time display was not good enough for us, so we chose to use a third party solution. A friend of ours who had a PC running Windows XP offered to let me download the Timekeeper application, but I declined, as I wanted something that was not so intrusive that it would just be in the way. I finally thought of getting a simple deskband, which I would use to display a day at a time, with my wife using it for the month, and a year at a time. Timekeeper is free, but to be able to use the tool in the way I wanted to, I had to agree to pay for support. It is in my opinion that with support you can use the tool in the way that you want to, otherwise you https://lichenportal.org/cnalh/checklists/checklist.php?clid=1548

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