Dataset: CASC-TYPE
Search Criteria: Australia; Western Australia; excluding cultivated/captive occurrences

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Entomology Type Collection

Bembix hokarra Evans & Matthews, 1973
CASTYPE11859Edward S. Ross   1962-10-06
Australia, Western Australia, Milly Milly, -25.733333 117, 800m

CASTYPE12542Edward S. Ross   1962-10-17
Australia, Western Australia, Winjana [sic; = Windjana] Gorge, -17.411444 124.94081, 100m

Gonolabis rossi Brindle, 1987
CASTYPE15708Edward S. Ross   1962-09-27
Australia, Western Australia, Cape Naturaliste, -33.543101 115.008863, 5m

Austrammo rossi Platnick, 2002
CASTYPE18196Edward S. Ross   1962-10-17
Australia, Western Australia, Windjana Gorge, -17.407761 124.959297, 100m

Panops aurum Winterton, 2012
CASTYPE18667Edward S. Ross   1962-09-05
Australia, Western Australia, Darlington, -31.922798 116.08167, 137m

Oligotoma gurneyi remota Davis, 1944
CASTYPE19674Consett Davis   1943-07-20
Australia, Western Australia, Barred Creek Well, about 20 mi N of Broome

Page 1, records 1-6 of 6

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