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Entomology Type Collection

CASTYPE6429Edward S. Ross   1950-12-13
Chile, Coquimbo, 15 mi S of Los Vilos, -32.130618 -71.500448

Mycteromyia asper Philip, 1958
CASTYPE6430Edward S. Ross   1950-12-11
Chile, Coquimbo, Fray Jorge Forest, -30.681437 -71.604415

Conognatha leechi Cobos, 1959
CASTYPE8110Edward S. Ross   1950-12-06
Chile, Coquimbo, 5 mi. N of Laguna Dam

Chile, Coquimbo

Veprius apatolesteus Coscarón, Philip & Fairchild, 1979
CASTYPE13131   1952-12-08
Chile, Coquimbo, El Peñon, -29.975728 -71.324562

Acrosternum occasi Rolston, 1983
CASTYPE13674Edward S. Ross   1950-12-01
Chile, Coquimbo, 50 km. S of La Serena, -30.355312 -71.248935

Parhadrestia atava James, 1975
CASTYPE19148Evert I. Schlinger   1966-10-19
Chile, Coquimbo, Hacienda Illapel, Rio Illapel, 600 - 900m

Prosaspicera joani Ros-Farre & Pujade-Villar, 2006
CASTYPE19216Edward S. Ross   1950-12-06
Chile, Coquimbo, 5 mi. N Laguna Dam, 2438m

Ormiscocerus nitidipennis Blanchard in Gay, 1851
CASTYPE21394Michael E. Irwin   2003-10-05
Chile, Coquimbo, Elqui, Region IV [= Coquimbo Region], Elqui Province, Quebrada El Arrayán, 10 km S of La Villa, -30.071 -71.000667, 400m

Page 1, records 1-9 of 9

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