Dataset: CASC-TYPE
Taxa: Ablautus
Search Criteria: excluding cultivated/captive occurrences

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Entomology Type Collection

CASTYPE1580V. W. Owen   1917-03-23
USA, Arizona, Cochise, Chiricahua Mts., 31.942588 -109.301042

Ablautus nigronotum Wilcox, 1935
CASTYPE4497D. K. Frewing   1932-08-19
USA, Oregon, Grant, Prairie Hill, 44.246551 -118.355212, 1829m

Ablautus vanduzeei Wilcox, 1935
CASTYPE4499Edward P. Van Duzee   1931-03-17
USA, California, Fresno, Los Gatos Cn [sic] (possibly "creek"), 36.144609 -120.348147

CASTYPE4500   1931-03-19
USA, California, Los Angeles, 34.600914 -118.102728

Ablautus coachellus Wilcox, 1966
CASTYPE9287Joseph Wilcox, Sr.   1947-12-14
USA, California, Riverside, 33.720127 -116.215793

Ablautus colei Wilcox, 1966
CASTYPE9288Joseph Wilcox, Sr.   1935-05-05
USA, Washington, Douglas, Moses Coulee, 47.451743 -119.819762

Ablautus arnaudi Wilcox, 1966
CASTYPE9450Paul H. Arnaud, Jr.   1954-02-20
Mexico, Baja California, 31.024973 -114.839188

Ablautus linsleyi Wilcox, 1966
CASTYPE9504E. Gorton Linsley   0900-11001960-03-19
USA, California, Kern, Short Canyon, 6 mi W Inyokern, 35.636343 -118.245634

Ablautus schlingeri Wilcox, 1966
CASTYPE10235Evert I. Schlinger   1962-08-11
USA, California, San Luis Obispo, Oceano Sand Dunes, 35.098865 -120.612393

Ablautus basini Wilcox, 1966
CASTYPE10236Evert I. Schlinger   1962-04-18
USA, California, San Bernardino, Kramer Hills, 34.923688 -117.465899

Page 1, records 1-10 of 10

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