Dataset: CASC-TYPE
Taxa: Bembix
Search Criteria: excluding cultivated/captive occurrences

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Entomology Type Collection

Bembix hamata Fox, 1923
CASTYPE928Edward P. Van Duzee   1919-05-20
USA, California, Santa Barbara, San Miguel Island, 34.039719 -120.375426

Bembix hamata lucida Fox, 1923
CASTYPE929Edward P. Van Duzee   1919-05-18
USA, California, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz Island, 34.0167 -119.7167

CASTYPE1829H.H. Keifer   1925-05-30
Mexico, Baja California Sur, Magdalena Bay, 24.642994 -112.00251

Bembix gillaspyi Evans & Matthews, 1968
CASTYPE10275Lionel A. Stange   1938-06-22
USA, California, San Diego, Borrego Springs, 33.25685 -116.375298

Bembix hokarra Evans & Matthews, 1973
CASTYPE11859Edward S. Ross   1962-10-06
Australia, Western Australia, Milly Milly, -25.733333 117, 800m

Bembix undeneya Evans & Matthews, 1973
CASTYPE11860Edward S. Ross   1962-10-30
Australia, Northern Territory, MacDonald Downs, -22.45 135.2167, 400m

Bembix wollowra Evans & Matthews, 1973

Bembix frommeri Bohart, 1970
CASTYPE13337Saul Frommer   1967-07-11
USA, California, Inyo, 5 mi S of Deep Springs College, 37.294198 -117.9833

Bembix boharti Griswold, 1983
CASTYPE15112William H. Clark   1979-06-10
Mexico, Baja California Norte, 9 km NW of Rancho Santa Ines, 29.787655 -114.786588

Page 1, records 1-9 of 9

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