Dataset: CASC-TYPE
Taxa: Acroceridae
Search Criteria: excluding cultivated/captive occurrences

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Entomology Type Collection

Opsebius diligens hyalinus Cole, 1919
CASTYPE3561Edward P. Van Duzee   1913-10-04
USA, California, San Diego, San Diego County, 33.028203 -116.770207

CASTYPE3562Millard C. Van Duzee   1915-06-08
USA, Utah, Great Salt Lake, 40.893794 -111.896286

CASTYPE5942Edward S. Ross   1944-04-10
Papua New Guinea, Morobe, New Guinea, Finschhafen, -6.560327 147.842939

Ocnaea sequoia Sabrosky, 1948
CASTYPE5943Edwin C. Van Dyke   1929-06-13
USA, California, Tulare, Sequoia National Park, Potwisha, 36.517515 -118.799821, 914 - 1524m

Ogcodes (Ogcodes) adaptatus Schlinger, 1960
CASTYPE6313Evert I. Schlinger   1951-07-12
USA, California, Mono, Sardine Creek, 38.310811 -119.594653, 2591m

Ogcodes (Ogcodes) colombiensis Schlinger, 1960
CASTYPE6389Evert I. Schlinger   58-1-18d1955-03-15
Colombia, Cundinamarca, Gualivá, Cundin-Amarca [= Cundinamarca Department], 1 mi W of Villeta, 5.011806 -74.488954, 860m

Ogcodes (Ogcodes) boharti Schlinger, 1960
CASTYPE6391George E. Bohart   52-5-2h1940-06-11
USA, Arizona, Coconino, Oak Creek Canyon, 34.91675 -111.728991, 1219 - 1524m

Eulonchus halli Schlinger, 1960
CASTYPE6392Philip H. Timberlake   51-3-1d1934-03-07
USA, California, Riverside, Riverside, 33.942914 -117.397569

Ogcodes vittisternum Sabrosky, 1948
CASTYPE6401Edwin C. Van Dyke   1927-07-06
USA, Oregon, Hood River, Mt. Hood, Homestead Inn, 45.537895 -121.568408

Rhysogaster panayensis Schlinger, 1959
CASTYPE6404Richard C. McGregor   55-11-5c0000-00-00
Philippines, Western Visayas, Antique, Panay Island, Culasi, 11.416726 122.10199

Ocnaea xuthogaster Schlinger, 1961
CASTYPE6465H. A. Hunt   60-2-12a1950-07-20
USA, California, Mono, Benton, 37.819167 -118.476389, 1981m

Oligoneura yasumatsui Schlinger, 1971
CASTYPE11895Evert I. Schlinger   62-1-29b1961-04-19
Japan, Fukuoka, Kashii, near Fukuoka, 33.659167 130.443889

Panops aurum Winterton, 2012
CASTYPE18667Edward S. Ross   1962-09-05
Australia, Western Australia, Darlington, -31.922798 116.08167, 137m

Ocnaea boharti Schlinger, 1983
CASTYPE18904Mont A. Cazier   1960-11-03
USA, Arizona, Cochise, 2 mi NE of Portal, 31.929039 -109.111693

Page 1, records 1-14 of 14

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