Dataset: CASC-TYPE
Taxa: Aphrophoridae
Search Criteria: excluding cultivated/captive occurrences

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Entomology Type Collection

CASTYPE5035Templeton Crocker   1934-12-02
French Polynesia, Austral Islands, Austral Islands Archipelago [= Îles Australes], Ravaivai [sic; = Raivavae Island] Vavitao [sic; = Vavitu Island]

CASTYPE5137Maurice Willows, Jr.   1933-07-02
Solomon Islands, Santa Catalina Island, -10.892328 162.447244

CASTYPE5138Maurice Willows, Jr.   1933-07-10
Solomon Islands, Santa Cruz Islands, Mohawk Bay, Matemalon

Clovia crockeri Van Duzee, 1940
CASTYPE5140Maurice Willows, Jr.   1933-07-01
Solomon Islands, San Christoval Island, Star Harbor, -10.81136 162.254504

Clovia sera Van Duzee, 1940
CASTYPE5142Maurice Willows, Jr.   1933-05-28
Solomon Islands, Malaita Island, Uras Cove, -9.044605 161.025328

Clovia lugubris Van Duzee, 1940
CASTYPE5143Maurice Willows, Jr.   1933-05-29
Solomon Islands, Malaita Island, Tal Lagoon, -9.022905 160.986876

Clovia mindorensis Lallemand & Synave, 1953
CASTYPE7055Edward S. Ross   1945-03-17
Philippines, San Jose, Mindoro, 12.352748 121.067613

Iophosa nigra Lallemand & Synave, 1953
CASTYPE7056George E. Bohart   1945-04-25
Indonesia, Papua, Netherlands New Guinea, Biak Island

Pareurycercopis boharti Lallemand & Synave

Clovia gressitti Lallemand & Synave, 1955
CASTYPE7058J. Linsley Gressitt   1948-07-19
China, Hubei/Chongqing, Trail between Mo-Tai-Chi and Sang-Hou-Ken, Hupeh-Sze[chuan]. Bord[er].

Clovia lineata Lallemand & Synave, 1955
CASTYPE7059Maurice Willows, Jr.   1933-06-16
Solomon Islands, Rennell and Bellona, Rennell Island, Kungana Bay [= Kungava Bay, = Kangava Bay], -11.669901 160.309877

Clovia matemana Lallemand & Synave, 1955
CASTYPE7060Maurice Willows, Jr.   1933-07-08
Solomon Islands, Santa Cruz Islands, Matema Island, Mohawk Bay, -10.292724 166.183661

Eurycercopis insignis Lallemand & Synave, 1955
CASTYPE7061Maurice Willows, Jr.   1933-07-03
Solomon Islands, San Cristoval Island, Star Harbor

Lepyronia angulata Lallemand & Synave, 1955
CASTYPE7063J. Linsley Gressitt   1948-08-19
China, Hubei, Lichuan, Suisapa, Lichuan Distr[ict], W[estern]. Hupeh [Province], 30.155402 108.617619, 1000m

Page 1, records 1-14 of 14

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