Dataset: CASC-TYPE
Taxa: Eumastacidae
Search Criteria: excluding cultivated/captive occurrences

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Entomology Type Collection

Morsea californica catalinae Rentz & Weissman, 1981
CASTYPE12430David B. Weissman   1972-07-03
USA, California, Los Angeles, Santa Catalina Island, Bulrush Canyon, near reservoir

Morsea californica islandica Rentz & Weissman, 1981
CASTYPE12431David B. Weissman   1973-09-06
USA, California, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz Island, Christi Pines

Eumorsea truncaticeps Descamps, 1984
CASTYPE14190David B. Weissman   1978-07-28
Mexico, Baja California Norte, Sierra de San Pedro Mártir National Park, 4.8 km E of park entrance on road from Highway 1, 2316m

Eumastax andeana Descamps, 1979
CASTYPE16622Evert I. Schlinger   1955-03-01
Colombia, Putumayo, Nariño [sic; = Putumayo Department], 15 mi SW of Mocoa, 1610m

Andeomastax uncinulifer Descamps, 1979
CASTYPE21405Evert I. Schlinger   1955-02-10
Ecuador, Pastaza, Napo-Pastaza [sic; = Pastaza Province], 6-8 mi W of Mera, -1.441313 -78.168589, 1500m

Beomastax equatoriana Descamps, 1979
CASTYPE21406Evert I. Schlinger   1955-02-09
Ecuador, Pastaza, Napo-Pastaza [sic; = Pastaza Province], 2-8 mi N of Puyo, -1.413268 -78.000672, 953m

Sciaphilomastax falcicerca Descamps, 1979
CASTYPE21407Clark E. Ross   1964-05-16
Peru, Huánuco, Tingo María

Paramastax pusilla Descamps, 1979
CASTYPE21408Evert I. Schlinger   1955-02-20
Ecuador, Chimborazo, Chimborazo, 40 mi S of Alausí, 2500m

Page 1, records 1-8 of 8

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