Dataset: CASC-TYPE
Taxa: Gryllidae
Search Criteria: excluding cultivated/captive occurrences

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Entomology Type Collection

CASTYPE6184L.S.Jr.U   Lot 310, sub 37 (12)1899-01-23
Ecuador, Galápagos, Albemarle, Tagus Cove

CASTYPE6185L.S.Jr.U   Lot 310, Sub. 33 (206)1899-03-23
Ecuador, Galápagos, Albemarle, Tagus Cove

Gryllus brevicaudus Weissman Rentz & Alexander in W R A & L
CASTYPE13219David B. Weissman   4291974-07-24
USA, California, Santa Clara, Palo Alto, field at Foothill Expressway and Stanford Ave.

Gryllus cohni Weissman in W. Rentz Alexander & Loher
CASTYPE13220David B. Weissman   Stop 591978-07-16
Mexico, Baja California Sur, 0.5 km. W Highway km. 8 sign W La Paz on Mex. Hwy.

CASTYPE13221   1979-07-04
USA, California, Santa Clara, Palo Alto, Stanford University, Lake Lagunita

CASTYPE16822David B. Weissman   
Mexico, Baja California Sur, 5 km. N Los Barriles at km. 114.8


Acheta assimilis Fabricius, 1775
CASTYPE18172Thomas J. Walker   #21968-11-27
Jamaica, St. Catherine Parr Worthy Park

Gryllus jamaicensis Walker in Weissman, Walker & Gray, 2009
CASTYPE18173Thomas J. Walker   #11970-06-26
Jamaica, Hanover Parish N of Negril

Gryllus multipulsator Weissman in Weissman, Walker & Gray, 2009
CASTYPE18174David B. Weissman   

Gryllus locorojo Weissman & Gray in Weissman, Gray, Pham & Tijssen, 2012
CASTYPE18657David B. Weissman   Stop 11-1242011-12-13
USA, California, Los Angeles, Compton, Rainbow Mealworms

Gryllus bryanti Morse, 1905
CASTYPE19278KA Judge   GBM082012-05-14
Bahamas, Andros Island, 24.765464 -77.835889, 11m

Gryllus chisosensis Weissman & Gray, 2019
CASTYPE19225David B. Weissman   MLNS Catalog #2041482007-06-12
USA, Texas, Brewster, Big Bend National Park, Lost Mine Trail area, 29.274517 -103.28685, 1700m

Gryllus veintinueve Weissman & Gray, 2019
CASTYPE19263David B. Weissman   2009-06-30
USA, Texas, Howard, Big Springs State Park, 32.224028 -101.473944, 878m

Gryllus lightfooti Weissman & Gray, 2019
CASTYPE19264David B. Weissman   2015-07-03
USA, New Mexico, Doña Ana, USDA Jornada Experimental Range, ~5 m E Las Cruces off Highway 70, 32.475925 -106.73635, 1311m

Gryllus makhosica Weissman & Gray, 2019
CASTYPE19265David B. Weissman   2009-07-03
USA, South Dakota, Jackson, Badlands National Park, Cedar Pass Overlook area, 43.753778 -101.93475, 817m

Gryllus montis Weissman & Gray, 2019
CASTYPE19266David B. Weissman   2013-06-01
USA, Arizona, Cochise, Ramsey Canyon Reserve near Sierra Vista, 31.459639 -110.295722, 1595m

Gryllus longicercus Weissman & Gray, 2019
CASTYPE19267David B. Weissman   2011-10-25
USA, Arizona, Yuma, Kofa National Wildlife Refuge, Palm Canyon

Gryllus navajo Weissman & Gray, 2019
CASTYPE19268David B. Weissman   1992-08-01
USA, Utah, Emery, 6.5 m W of Hwy 24 and 1.3 m W turnoff for Goblin Valley State Park, 1646m

Gryllus planeta Weissman & Gray, 2019
CASTYPE19269David B. Weissman   2015-07-01
USA, Texas, Jeff davis, Davis Mts, Mt. Locke, McDonald Observatory, in oak woodland at base of Otto Struve Telescope, -24.830833 -46.536167, 2056m

Gryllus regularis Weissman & Gray, 2019
CASTYPE19270David B. Weissman   2007-06-15
USA, Arizona, Yavapai, Sky Ranch Lodge Motel grounds by Sedona 98 · Zootaxa 4705 (1) © 2019 Magnolia Press WEISSMAN & GRAY Airport, 34.852433 -111.79025, 1561m

Gryllus staccato Weissman & Gray, 2019
CASTYPE19271David B. Weissman   2009-08-01
USA, Arizona, Pima

Gryllus saxatilis Weissman & Gray, 2019
CASTYPE19272David B. Weissman   2009-06-07
USA, California, Santa Clara, Mt. Hamilton, observatory area, 37.339733 -121.643867, 1231m

Gryllus transpecos Weissman & Gray, 2019
CASTYPE19273David B. Weissman   2007-06-12
USA, Texas, Brewster, Chisos Mts, Big Bend National Park, Grande Village Road to Ranger Station near Lost Mine Trail parking lot, 1.5 m NW ranger station, 29.274517 -103.28685, 1676m

Gryllus thinos Weissman & Gray, 2019
CASTYPE19274David B. Weissman   2011-06-11
USA, Texas, Kleberg, Padre Island National Seashore around Malaquite Visitor Center, 27.423111 -97.302139, 5m

Gryllus vulcanus Weissman & Gray, 2019
CASTYPE19275David B. Weissman   2007-06-14
USA, New Mexico, Cibola, El Malpais National Monument adjacent to Hwy 117 at mile post sign 31 [or 31 m S I40], 34.7881 -107.9372, 2161m

Gryllus veletisoides Weissman & Gray, 2019
CASTYPE19276David B. Weissman   2006-05-10
USA, California, Santa Clara, Los Gatos Creek at Lark Ave., 37.252614 -121.9632, 82m

Gryllus leei Weissman & Gray, 2019
CASTYPE19277David B. Weissman   2017-05-20
USA, Utah, Millard, 2.05 m NW Flowell and 8.5 m NW Fillmore, 38.997861 -112.45915, 1418m

Gryllus sotol Weissman & Gray, 2019
CASTYPE19279David B. Weissman   2017-07-03
USA, New Mexico, Doña Ana, Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument, Aguirre Springs Campground, 32.3702 -106.561439, 1770m

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