Dataset: CASC-TYPE
Taxa: Hesperiidae
Search Criteria: excluding cultivated/captive occurrences

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Entomology Type Collection

Hesperia pawnee Dodge, 1874
CASTYPE3207George M. Dodge   
USA, Nebraska, Dodge, Glencoe

Hesperia pawnee Dodge, 1874
CASTYPE3208George M. Dodge   1880-00-00
USA, Nebraska, Dodge

Eudamus galapagensis Williams, 1911
CASTYPE3209Francis X. Williams   
Ecuador, Galápagos, "Chatham Island, 700 ft. altitude" for male syntype; "Tagus Cove [Albemarle Island]" for female syntype

Copaeodes candida Wright, 1890
CASTYPE3227William G. Wright   
USA, California, "cañons in the foothills of southwestern California"

Pamphila california Wright, 1905
CASTYPE4321William G. Wright   1896-05-20
USA, California, "Southern California", 32.975338 -115.466079

Pamphila chispa Wright, 1905
CASTYPE4323William G. Wright   0000-00-00
USA, California, "Sierra Nevadas of Central California", 1829 - 2438m

Nisoniades lacustra Wright, 1905
CASTYPE4325William G. Wright   1894-05-10
USA, California, Lake, "Blue Lakes, California"

Hesperia uncas gilberti MacNeill, 1964
CASTYPE7243E. E. Gilbert   1952-07-02
Mexico, Mexico, 2 miles SE Los Reyes, 2256m

CASTYPE7244John M. Burns   1955-09-12
USA, California, San Bernardino, 5.4 miles SE Ivanpah, New York Mountains, 1494m

CASTYPE7245John W. MacSwain   1953-06-27
USA, California, Mono, Blanco's Corral, White Mountain, 3048m

Hesperia miriamae MacNeill, 1959
CASTYPE7246C. Don MacNeill   1956-08-18
USA, California, Inyo, Mono Pass, 3658m

Erynnis tristis pattersoni Burns, 1964
CASTYPE9142Don Patterson   1959-05-11
Mexico, Baja California Sur, Los Cabos, Rancho Potrero - 14 miles up Canyon San Pedro from Caduaño

Pholisora gracielae MacNeill, 1970
CASTYPE11405C. Don MacNeill   1951-04-22
USA, California, San Bernardino, Bennett Wash, vicinity of Parker Dam

Kobrona sebana Parsons, 1986
CASTYPE15224P. J. Shanahan   1973-08-15
Papua New Guinea, Morobe, Minhi Creek, near Manki Village, Watut Valley, 1900m

Telicota mimena Parsons, 1986
CASTYPE15226P. J. Shanahan   1974-01-21
Papua New Guinea, Morobe, Sandy Creek, 8 km NE of Wau, 900m

Polites norae MacNeill, 1993
CASTYPE17112C. Don MacNeill   1988-04-21
Mexico, Sonora, Bacochibampo Bay, vicinity of Guaymas

Nisoniades llano Dodge, 1903
CASTYPE18653George M. Dodge   1902-04-17
USA, Texas, Llano, Llano, Texas

Page 1, records 1-17 of 17

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