Dataset: CASC-TYPE
Taxa: Leuctridae
Search Criteria: excluding cultivated/captive occurrences

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Entomology Type Collection

Leuctra divisa Hitchcock, 1958
CASTYPE9998Stephen W. Hitchcock   1956-04-14
USA, California, Marin, Woodacre, 38.012668 -122.647493

Rhopalopsole bakeri Jewett, 1975
CASTYPE12487Edward S. Ross   1962-06-20
Malaysia, Cameron Highlands, 7 km NE of Jor Camp, 800m

CASTYPE12488Edward S. Ross   1962-06-08
Malaysia, Pahang, 26 km NE of Kuala Lumpur, 305m

Megaleuctra sierra Fields, 1977
CASTYPE14214Wayne C. Fields, Jr.   1974-06-09
USA, California, Placer, western edge of Tahoe National Forest, Shirttail Creek, 39.141501 -120.78362, 1067m

Calileuctra dobryi Shepard & Baumann, 1995
CASTYPE17297Keith F. Dobry   1991-04-22
USA, California, Los Angeles, San Gabriel Mountains, South Fork of Elsmere Canyon, headwater tributary of Elsmere Creek, 34.350905 -118.488307

Calileuctra ephemera Shepard & Baumann, 1995
CASTYPE17298William D. Shepard   WDS-A-1601983-02-19
USA, California, Napa, 3.36 km N on Highway 128 from the intersection of Highway 128 and Highway 121, unnamed tributary to Capell Creek, 38.480882 -122.237478, 300m

Dracoleuctra siskiyou Lee & Baumann, 2022
CASTYPE21409Jonathan J. Lee   2020-05-06
USA, Oregon, Josephine, Klamath-Siskiyou Mountains, Happy Camp Road, Siskiyou Spring, 42.00162 -123.53785, 1440m

Page 1, records 1-7 of 7

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