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Alestes Müller and Troschel, 1844
42110Drewes, R. C.   1978-10-20
Zambia, Southern Province, Namwala District, Lake Itezhi Tezhi., -15.760918 25.954321

Chiloglanis neumanni Boulenger, 1911
61354Bailey, R. M.; Balon, E.; Kapetsky, J.   1970-10-29
Zambia, Northern Province, Lwitikila stream at hwy. from Mpika to Isoka, 11 km NNE of Mpika., -11.75 31.633333

Eretmodus cyanostictus Boulenger, 1898
205142Bailey, R. M.; Kendall, R.; et al   1970-10-31
Zambia, Northern Province, East side of Nyika Bay on north side of Nkumbula I, s km north of Pmulungu., -8.750378 31.098062

Chiloglanis Peters, 1868
61353R.M. Bailey, Stewart, Ellis, & Balon   1970-11-02
Zambia, Northern Province, Lunzua stream 11.3 km SSE of Mpulungu, ca. 1 km north of bridge on Mbala-Mpulungu road., -8.858973 31.146581

Clarias Scopoli, 1777
42111Drewes, R. C.   1978-10-23
Zambia, Eastern Province, Chipata District, Luangwa Valley, 6 mi. SW Chibembe near Luangwa R.

Page 1, records 1-5 of 5

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